October Training

The 10k in Inverness went well. 43:46 I was very pleased with. The training run the day before was awful so I think I was annoyed with myself which helped.

 This week should see me finishing off the bike and getting back into a proper training regime after a couple of weeks of adventure races, riding in Spain and work trips which were all good but kind of interrupted the flow of regular training. I reckon I’m still doing the right stuff but I start to worry when I’m not in a training routine.

The next event is the Edinburgh “Survival of the Fittest” in about 10 days time. Apparently this is a 10k run through the centre of Edinburgh with obstacles along the way. Alison had a couple of glasses of wine one evening and while checking her e-mails on my computer accidentally entered us in the event. Hey ho.

 I also need to sort out the final procurement of bits and pieces for Dakar. I was going to have a helmet painted up with the Saltire but can’t really afford it so have decided against that. I’ll post the total kit list at some point so everyone can see what I think you need to take to the Dakar (and hopefully someone will point out the obvious omissions).

Have Fun