London Calling

In the London office for a couple of days. More reasons to avoid training. I’m just off the phone to Duncan Tweedy, a fellow Dakar rider who is also with Team Desert Rose. He’s been away buying spares.

I seem to be having a difficult week with training. Running the day before the 10k in Inverness seemed to aggravate my knee and although the 10k itself was ok my right knee really suffered afterwards. I had a quiet week training last week but went up a Munroe (big-ish hill in Scotland for those not in the know) last Sunday and the knee was really painful coming down the very rocky path.

I’m not very worried as it doesn’t affect me on the bike but it could impact my training so I need to go see someone to try to get it fixed.

I’m entered in another 10k race this Sunday – only this one has obstacles -the MH Survival of the Fittest race in central Edinburgh. Should be fun if the knee holds up. Might try to get in some mountain biking at Glentress or Innerleithen on Saturday.

Congratulations to my colleague Alison Struthers on passing her CBT – welcome to the two wheeled world – tis all downhill from this point…

 Have Fun