Busy Times

A lot has been happening in the last week or two. I delivered the bike to Patsy a few weekends ago. It took me 10 hours to drive a transit through tipping rain then October holiday traffic (I don’t have kids – I didn’t think) from my parents in Lanarkshire to Patsy’s place in East Sussex. Tony has been doing the final things on the bike so hopefully that’s all nearly finished and Patsy will take the bike to Le Harve next week to be loaded up.

I’ve still one or two paperwork things to sort out but otherwise it’s just a case of getting my kit together. Most of the riding gear is now in place. Dom at Kriega has provided me with a pile of kit which is brilliant.

The riding kit looks like the following

Airoh Stealth Helmet; Leatt Neck Brace; Oakley Crowbar goggles (x2); Fox Gloves; Acerbis Desert Jacket (Kriega Hydration Reservoir fitted); Thor body armour; 2XU Compression base layers; Thor trousers; Asterisk knee braces; Sidi Crossfire Boots; Kriega R8 Belt Pack

Spare gloves, Goggles and Helmet Peak will be loaded in the boxes.

Departure is getting ever closer.