23 days till the flight

A busy week or two. Last Sunday was my last organised event, the Glentress Duathlon. There are three of these over the winter and I might try the other two when I get back from the Dakar.

Sunday was a nightmare. A mountain bike race of steep climbs and descents (nothing flat) through the forest for 12k followed by a 7.5k run (again steeply up and down). I lost a contact lens about half way through the cycle which meant I couldn’t judge distances that well. I was terrified that I’d trip over a root or something and pick up an injury. All of this was in horizontal snow and freezing temperatures. Finished 99th having picked up a few places on the run towards the end  – 1hr 47 mins or something like that.

It didn’t feel like a good event to end the formal training on but it still counts as a finish in horrible conditions I suppose.

Back to boring old training on my own now, trying to make sure I’ve got all the relevant kit and trying not to panic too much.

Have Fun