Day 15 – Podium – Buenos Aires

And so tis done. Today I rode up onto the podium at La Rural, BA, the whole team joined me, Patsy, Tony, Zippy et al. I hadn’t expected them and nearly burst into tears. The last day or so has been alternately emotional and flat – weird. When I get back I’ll blog on all the different days as far as I can remember.

In the meantime, a huge thanks to Tony for keeping the bike running sweet despite my hamfisted riding, to Patsy, Zippy and Clive for help and advice not just during the race but over the two or three years prior to the start; to the Mikes – Shepherd and Robertson – for being the supportive rocks they are; to all the people who have supported and sent messages on the web-site and otherwise; to Charlie for being “the webmeister”; to Mario and family for helping me on Day 3 when I was low on everything – see guestbook – and for taking the time to find out about me and follow the race (I’ll email once I have access to a computer again); to Wendy for PR activity; to Santiago for towing me home on Day 13; and finally to my AJ for forcing me to get fit over the last 6 months, and just for being there.

2 thoughts on “Day 15 – Podium – Buenos Aires

  1. Congrats Paul – sounds like a massive effort! So pleased for you that you’ve done this and finished in one piece. Look forward to catching up when you’re next in London to hear the full, day-by-day story. Ayesha

  2. Paul,
    Huge congratulations! I am very impressed! As I was last year with Mike Shepherd, I have been following you each day on the Dakar website and holding my breath waiting for you arrival each day. Great job, well done. Now go take a much deserved rest.

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