Merzouga Rally Day 1 (ish)

So day starts off with a 122km warm up stage. Times don’t count but penalties for missing way points or speeding in control zones.

I managed a clean stage though some in the team have not been so lucky. I nearly missed check point three which was hiding in the dunes but I realised and went back to find it.

The day finished off with a very short prologue in the dunes which will decide the starting order for tomorrow. 2.5km was not really enough to get into my stride but I’d rather not start high up anyway as it makes navigation easier.

I’m now stuck in an interminable briefing in Spanish. Waiting for an English briefing to start. Should have just gone to the French briefing.

More soon or keep up to date on twitter @PaulCarlyle.

The bike sitting in parc ferme this morning.

Working on the roadbook.