Bivouac Day 2 – Cordoba

Not properly Day 2 as Day one was only a liaison stage. On Tarmac at that. Nevertheless yesterday was still an amazing day with huge crowds lining the route. The podium in Buenos Aires was a mad experience and one I’ll never get to repeat. All along the 317k route were families having barbeques and cheering us on. Carlyle autographs now exist, albeit rare. Mad! But fun! Today was my first proper Dakar stage. 650k with a 220k special stage. Very early start and I was suffering from my first attempt to sleep (unsuccessful) in a noisy bivouac tent (the mechanics work all night). I loved the stage though. It was shortened to 150k for some reason so was pretty easy. Nevertheless I took it very gently and survived intact – if almost last. The day ends on a sad note as it appears one of the Rally cars slid off the piste and into some spectators with the result that one of the spectators died. I guess with so many enthusiastic spectators it is kind of inevitable but very sad nevertheless. Another full tough day ahead so must remedy the sleep deficit. Have Fun. PC

One thought on “Bivouac Day 2 – Cordoba

  1. Keep posting and, above all, keep going. We’re all rooting for you – even the english contingent in our house are shouting for you!

    Good luck, keep steady, stay safe.

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