Rest Day – Antofagasta

This was the target and I’m delighted to have made it this far. The bike hasn’t missed a beat due to the efforts of Tony Woodham. Tony has the worst of it as he struggles to sleep in the day as the team travel, then has to work on my bike and Phil Noone’s bike all night. Day 7 was really long and tiring with lots of rocks and fesh fesh. For those of you not desert riders, fesh fesh is like talcum powder and it sits in hard clay ruts. You get no drive in it and if your wheel touches the hard rut then 50% of the time you’re over the bars. The trucks in particular dig deep ruts. So far I’m ok but my hands and wrists are sore. My back gets tired on the piste with 3 litres of water and a belt pack. Being passed by the cards and trucks is ok and I’ve only had a couple of near misses. The sentinel system seems to work ok. Today I’ll be a bit lazy but try to get organised for the next few days. Still a long way to go.